SPARTA Programs

High-assurance intelligent infrastructure toolkit

Challenges & Objectives

IoT-connected devices bring immense promise for industry and society as a whole, as they evolve towards a true Intelligent Infrastructure (II). But along with opportunities they also bring new points of vulnerability that enable attackers to steal or affect sensitive data or control devices remotely. Indeed, state-of-the-art security mechanisms are rarely adaptable to IoT devices and overall security guarantees are hard to obtain. In this context, security is hard to develop, as witnessed by IoT components that have been proposed, only to be broken soon after. Considering security and resilience requirements in future II systems from the outset (rather than being an add-on) is thus of paramount importance and providing practical tools to achieve this is the objective of the HAII-T Program.

Action & Impacts

The HAAI-T Program will develop an integrated framework and a toolkit supporting the design, development and verification of security-critical, large-scale distributed II systems. Security will be supported by design. To this aim, it will allow for the specification and enforcement of key security policies including the confidentiality, integrity, resilience, and privacy of the exchanged data. The challenge will be tackled from multiple perspectives including hardened legacy components, secure operating system software, resilience- and privacy-by-design. The integration will be ensured through a unified orchestration framework including all the techniques developed in the context of the program. Also, the framework will be assessed through a set of selected use cases.


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