This site is the portal of the SPARTA JCCI.

The JCCI gathers computation and communication services needed for a shared and distributed test bed. The JCCI is a compound of already existing assets from the partners, and they will be offered through a common platform. Our aim is to offer leverage and horizontal domain synergies among organizations to strengthen cybersecurity capabilities across the EU and closing the cyber-skills gap. The idea for JCCI is to become a reference location for companies and also a research experimentation platform. Start-ups and SMEs will have infrastructure and technologies available through a catalogue, managed by local clusters and authorities.Among this asset catalogue, there are solutions for co-creation processes, secure hosting/storage, collaborative platforms, large scale experimentation equipment, intrusion detection systems, cyber-incident detection, monitoring systems, standards compliance, benchmarking, evaluation and certification.

The JCCI will be formed by 3 main components: a workbench for a shared and distributed testbed where computation and communication resources can be shared, a virtual learning center to share and spread knowledge for learning purposes, and a federated cyber range with different scenarios to gain skills in cyber-attacks and defenses. The different components will consist of integrations of existing means of SPARTA partners, but clustered and available through a web application that will either give direct access or will redirect to the corresponding access site.