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The double-edged sword of AI: Ethical Adversarial Attacks to counter artificial intelligence for crime

Choraś, M., Woźniak, M.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has found a myriad of applications in many domains of technology, and more importantly, in improving people’s lives. Sadly, AI solutions have already been utilized for various violations and theft, even receiving the name AI or Crime (AIC). This poses a challenge: are cybersecurity experts thus justified to attack malicious AI algorithms, methods and systems as well, to stop them? Would that be fair and ethical? Furthermore, AI and machine learning algorithms are prone to be fooled or misled by the so-called adversarial attacks. However, adversarial attacks could be used by cybersecurity experts to stop the criminals using AI, and tamper with their systems. The paper argues that this kind of attacks could be named Ethical Adversarial Attacks (EAA), and if used fairly, within the regulations and legal frameworks, they would prove to be a valuable aid in the fight against cybercrime.

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