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Orchestration Security Challenges in the Fog Computing

Šatkauskas N., Venčkauskas A., Morkevičius N., Liutkevičius A.


Fog Computing is a new paradigm which is meant to solve some new challenges in IoT like a wide-spread geographical distribution and mobility of the devices, multiple nodes, heterogeneity of the hardware capabilities and communication technologies. A Fog Computing Orchestration enables the control of multiple devices connected to the Fog Computing network. It offers some new application areas like a smart home, smart grid, smart vehicles, or health data management. Since security issues of both the Fog Computing and Orchestration are not fully explored yet, it poses different challenges. This review paper firstly aims to identify the Fog Computing security challenges as it is the environment for an Orchestration. It reviews some proposed Orchestration solutions as well. Secondly, Orchestration challenges are identified themselves by reviewing over 150 papers. The results suggest that security/privacy is among the top concerns.

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