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Big Data Analytics for Intrusion Detection: An Overview

Luis Dias, Miguel Correia


Intrusion detection has become a problem of big data, with a semantic gap between vast security data sources and real knowledge about threats. The use of machine learning (ML) algorithms on big data has already been successfully applied in other domains. Hence, this approach is promising for dealing with cyber security’s big data problem. Rather than relying on human analysts to create signatures or classify huge volumes of data, ML can be used. ML allows the implementation of advanced algorithms to extract information from data using behavioral analysis or to find hidden correlations. However, the adversarial setting and the dynamism of the cyber threat landscape stand as difficult challenges when applying ML. The next generation security information and event management (SIEM) systems should provide security monitoring with the means for automation, orchestration and real-time contextual threat awareness. However, recent research shows that further work is needed to fulfill these requirements. This chapter presents a survey on recent work on big data analytics for intrusion detection.

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