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A Novel Approach for Network Intrusion Detection Using Multistage Deep Learning Image Recognition

Toldinas, Jevgenijus, Algimantas Venčkauskas, Robertas Damaševičius, Šarūnas Grigaliūnas, Nerijus Morkevičius, and Edgaras Baranauskas


The current rise in hacking and computer network attacks throughout the world has heightened the demand for improved intrusion detection and prevention solutions. The intrusion detection system (IDS) is critical in identifying abnormalities and assaults on the network, which have grown in size and pervasiveness. The paper proposes a novel approach for network intrusion detection using multistage deep learning image recognition. The network features are transformed into four-channel (Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha) images. The images then are used for classification to train and test the pre-trained deep learning model ResNet50. The proposed approach is evaluated using two publicly available benchmark datasets, UNSW-NB15 and BOUN Ddos. On the UNSW-NB15 dataset, the proposed approach achieves 99.8% accuracy in the detection of the generic attack. On the BOUN DDos dataset, the suggested approach achieves 99.7% accuracy in the detection of the DDos attack and 99.7% accuracy in the detection of the normal traffic.

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