SPARTA | The Future Needs You

18th Oct 2021

The instant interconnectivity brought by the rapid advances in technology revolutionised the way we lived and changed the paradigm of security. Cyberspace is a place shared by all the citizens, where social, political, and economic aspects are constantly emerging. As in the physical world, cyberspace faces a range of emerging challenges, namely concerning its security.

An interconnected world means that cyberattacks can come from any part of the world. Cybercriminals, or non-ethical hackers, come from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures, being only possible to prevent cyberattacks globally if there is a common but diverse understanding of the reasons, ways, and forms of attacks. How? By creating cybersecurity teams with professionals from different cultural backgrounds. A diverse workforce is of utter importance to ensure national and global security, peace, and progress.

Besides the need for a diverse workforce, there is an urgent need to fill job positions. The increase in cybercrime around the globe calls for more cybersecurity professionals. The challenge for the cybersecurity community will be to attract and retain professionals from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, gender, and age, raising a consistent and diverse workforce in cybersecurity.

“SPARTA: The Future Needs You”, was an event promoted by INOV and the Brno University of Technology, for celebrating the cybersecurity awareness month and calling for diversity in the field, held in the High School of Caldas Da Rainha - Escola Secundaria Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro - in Portugal, on the 14h October! Here you can find the main highlights of the event!