ROUNDATABLE: “From education, going through the R&D&i, towards the Intelligent Company”

17th Jun 2021

Last week the “VI National Cybersecurity Research Days” conference ( was held in Spain, in which Ana Ayerbe from TECNALIA presented SPARTA in a roundtable organised by the Spanish Chapter of the Women4Cyber initiative.

The roundtable covered the different issues related to the cybersecurity supply chain, starting with the education needs to cover the talent gap, going through the different efforts in the Research and Development area, to finalise with the technological transfer of technologies and solutions towards the companies, and the creation of Cybersecurity startups.

The roundtable started with a presentation by Mar Lopez from the National Cybersecurity Department (DSN) that talked about the status of Cybersecurity at Spanish level, the talent needs and the gender and diversity dimension introducing the Women4Cyber initiative.

After that, two entrepreneurs talked about their experience in the Cybersecurity world: Azucena Hernández, CEO of EUROCYBCAR, talked about the role of Cybersecurity in the automotive sector and the certification needs, and Ainoa Celaya from LUNAMIC talked about Cybersecurity Audit needs.

The third part of the roundtable was conducted by Concepción Cordón from EMASA, who explained how to apply CyberIntelligence in Cybersecurity. 

The fourth track was dedicated to explaining the Cyber European community, in which Ana Ayerbe from TECNALIA presented the SPARTA project and the Interest Manifesto (MDI) that has been presented by INCIBE to create and coordinate the Spanish Cybersecurity Community. This presentation was complemented by Cristina Alcaraz from the UMA (University of Malaga) representing CYBERSEC4EUROPE, Luis Galindo from TELEFONICA representing ECHO, and Jose Ruiz from ATOS representing CONCORDIA.

The final presentation was made by Sara García Becares from INCIBE that talked about the problems and the different initiatives to educate in Cybersecurity.

Finally, a fruitful discussion took place about the situation of Cybersecurity in Spain and the building of the Cyber community.