SPARTA DAY & Brokerage Event

10th Jul 2020

The SPARTA project, as Pilot of the European Union’s Cybersecurity Competence Network, has organized its SPARTA Day and brokerage event to present its first year’s results and ease cooperation among the SPARTA partners, associate and friends (i.e. the SPARTA partnership currently with more than 120 organizations involved).

The SPARTA event featured key project achievements, including project publications and deliverables. SPARTA focuses on improving cybersecurity R&I in Europe by creating a next-generation collaboration system in the region. Among the main achievement the results of the 4 research programs were illustrated.\ In addition, The SPARTA roadmap describes the main challenges in cybersecurity R&I, including: full-spectrum situational awareness; secure-by-design intelligent infrastructure; continuous assessment and evaluation tools for digital systems; and reliable AI systems. Nonetheless, the consortium also identified transversal challenges in the areas of cybersecurity education and training and certification organization and support.\ There is a serious gap in the cybersecurity workforce in Europe. SPARTA highlights that in Europe alone, there is a gap of 291,000 professionals. To fill the skills gap, EU governments, academia, industry, society and professionals must play an active role and have discussions using a common language so that key actors can understand each other. The SPARTA Cybersecurity Skills Framework is based on the structure of the U.S.-based National Initiative for Cybersecurity (NICE) and the Joint Research Center’s cybersecurity domains and taxonomy.

SPARTA also set up a Joint Competence Centre Infrastructure ( to offer a set of tools/services to the European community.