Cooperation Challenges

6th Apr 2020

SPARTA is a 44 partner-wide consortium across 14 countries in Europe and while it brings a wide range of ideas and a important diversity, it also brings cooperation challenges. How does SPARTA solves such challenges? On organisational front, SPARTA is composed of 8 bodies to structure the workload in SPARTA while also facilitation cooperation between different aspect of SPARTA. These bodies are composed of two decision board, the Strategic Direction which coordinates governance and the Executive Board supervising the execution of the pilot, and of 6 subject specific bodies: the Roadmap Committee, the Partnership Committee, the Training and Awareness Taskforce, the Certification Taskforce, the Dissemination Taskforce and the Ethics Committee.

On collaborative tooling, SPARTA thrives to implement the best solution for such a wide consortium such as Stackfield an GDPR compliant with client-side end-to-end encryption providing chat, file and task management, calendar and other features.

SPARTA is continuously experimenting new tools and new approaches and learning from its lessons to improve our collaboration processes.