Women in SPARTA

25th Mar 2020

SPARTA has been researching the issues that may be at the backbone of the gender gap faced in the cybersecurity field, striving to understand what could enhance the inclusion and attraction of women into the cybersecurity workforce.

The lack of role models in the industry, related to the lack of visibility of women working in cybersecurity is a real problem. The industry often fails to retain women in cybersecurity workplaces due to its male-dominated environment that it is not inclusive nor attractive for women.

Furthermore, cybersecurity can be viewed as being incredibly technical, leading to a lack of interest. Yet it’s actually very interdisciplinary and diverse and it needs to be communicated as such.

The Women in SPARTA campaign aims at building a strong community among women in cybersecurity by presenting the ones currently working in SPARTA, their work and what are their thoughts on the current gender gap issue, and how to tackle them. The first interview was to Maryline Laurent, professor at Telecom SudParis and currently working on the SPARTA Roadmap.

The second interview was to Estibaliz Amparan, researcher at Tecnalia and, currently working on the SPARTA Program CAPE.

The third interview was to Sara Ricci, working as a post doctoral researcher on Brno University of Technology currently working on SPARTA’s Training and Awareness work package.