May Your Source Be Open! - SPARTA Hackathon II

Don’t miss an amazing and exciting Business Development Hackathon for building products from available cybersecurity open-source tools. Up to 12 teams will compete and use tools developed under SPARTA and CONCORDIA

\ FREE registration, FREE food and FREE drinks 😛

 🏆 The winning team(s) will receive:

  • 6 to 12 month mentorship program with SECURITYMADEIN.LU
  • Up to 5000€ will be available for performance-based milestones

📧 In case of questions:


Friday, May 20

18:00 Opening Ceremony & Pitch Fire

19:30 Team Formation & Dinner

20:30 Mentoring Session

21:30 Teamwork Begins


Saturday, May 21

08:00 Breakfast

08:30 Workshop I “From Open-Source Packages to Products Development”

09:30 Teamwork Continues

11:00 Workshop II “Business Model Canvas”

12:00 Networking Lunch

13:00 Workshop III “How to Pitch?”

14:00 Teamwork Continues

18:00 Individual Team Mentoring Sessions

20:00 Networking Dinner

21:00 Teamwork Continues


Sunday, May 22

08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Preparation for Final Pitches

10:00 Teamwork Continues

12:00 Networking Lunch

12:30 Final Pitch Test

17:30 Closing Ceremony Begins

18:00 Final Pitches

20:00 Final Networking Dinner

21:30 End of Closing Ceremony


Open-Source Tools & Descriptions


SPARTA Project

1. Module for detecting DDoS backscatter using network flow data

  1. Systems hardening mechanism based on virtualization technologies, built as an extension of the Linux kernel and the Xen hypervisor


3. Sharing of Machine Learning Modules


4. BuildWatch

Detects and filters suspicious activities that happen during project builds, e.g. network activity or file system access.


5. Backstabber’s Knife Collection 

Open-source dataset of malicious open-source packages used in real-world attacks. This dataset is an invaluable resource supporting the development of preventive and detective safeguards.


6. Eclipse Steady 

Detective control that supports application developers in the detection, assessment and mitigation of open-source code with known vulnerabilities


7. Project KB 

Open-source dataset with code-level information about open-source vulnerabilities


8. VulnEx

Open-source vulnerability management provided initial requirements and positively evaluated the tool



TSOpen is a flow-, path- and context-sensitive tool to detect logic bombs in Android applications.



CRACK supports the design, validation, deployment and testing of scenarios for a Cyber Range. Scenarios are encoded using a domain specific langage, called SDL, which extends the OASIS standard TOSCA (        


11. Multi-client Clusion

This library extends the functionality of the Clusion SSE open source library to the multi-client setting. Data owners can outsource an encrypted dataset to a service provider. Data clients submit queries on the outsourced data, using search tokens provided by the data owner.


12. Vacsine

Vacsine is a tool to deploy and orchestrate firewall configurations


CONCORDIA Project ( 


  1. Open-Source Cyber Range


  1. Open-Source tools for Cybersecurity Education from Masaryk University


3. DDoS Clearing House