SPARTA Partnership Program for Baltic Sea Region Stakeholders WORKSHOP

On the 25th of November L3CE organised the event entitled “SPARTA Partnership Program for Baltic Sea Region Stakeholders” aimed to discuss with policymakers, academics and foremost small and medium-sized companies needs and challenges of Baltic Sea region, scan other EU regions for solutions and propose new ideas dedicated to experience, knowledge, skills and long-lasting partnerships. 

SPARTA duplicated the success of other clusters and demonstrated how SPARTA partnership program can be designed to overcome the barriers that single players face in Cybersecurity market.

Fabio Martinelli has introduced SPARTA Partnership program (management structure, Joint Competence Centre Infrastructure (JCCI), Associate program and benefits for associates, monthly associate workshops, and brokerage events). There was a discussion on how it is possible to use the results of SPARTA through JCCI.

Marius Momeu introduced the Roadmap of SPARTA (achievements, 13 Mission programmes, specific challenges with the prioritization, and inter-pilot roadmapping process towards a harmonised EU cybersecurity roadmap).

Andrius Bambalas (REWIRE project coordinator from Mykolas Romeris University) introduced REWIRE project that was developed in the partnership with SPARTA.

Juan Arraiza gave a presentation about the European Anti-Cybercrime Technology Development Association (EACTDA). The key message of EACTDA is for establishing a new exploitation channel for research and development software tools to help public security practitioners in fight against (cyber) crime. The participants stressed the importance of usability and uptake of research projects results by end users.

The key objective of EACTDA is to provide assistance to security practitioners in innovations uptake exercise. Collaboration with technology providers is a key element to make EACTDA successfully functioning organization.

Florent Kirchner introduced main idea of SPARTA contribution to European cybersecurity network and cybersecurity competence centre. The strategic autonomy topic in Baltic Sea region was stressed as well as the major commitments of SPARTA to cybersecurity R&I.

Mindaugas Kemzūra (project manager of EDIH DI4 Lithuania ID) has introduced EDIH Candidate for Central and Western Lithuania and there was a discussion on the type of events planned by EDIH to build the capabilities. Idea is to generate the events to build not just technological, but also capabilities on human level.

Edmundas Piesarskas introduced SPARTA Baltic Cluster – Regional Innovations Uptake Ecosystem in Cybersecurity Domain and led a discussion about the vision of the cluster.

It was agreed to organize separate workshop to discuss possible collaboration points between SPARTA and EACTDA and to develop further the idea of establishment of Baltic Cluster – Regional Innovations Uptake Ecosystem in Cybersecurity Domain.