CONVERGENCE: when the legislation and the four European cybersecurity pilots converge

Since 2019 the European Union is funding four innovative projects to pilot the proposed legislation on a European cybersecurity competence centre and network of cybersecurity expertise. As the legislation edges ever closer to approval by the European Parliament, the four pilot projects, CyberSec4Europe, SPARTA, ECHO and CONCORDIA are organising for the first time a single online collaborative event, CONVERGENCE, from 9-11 December, to highlight the joint progress made and to bring together the most important personalities and organisations addressing cybersecurity in Europe.

The event opens on the evening of 9 December with welcome addresses from the four pilot coordinators followed by a panel discussion featuring four distinguished speakers who will address the status and the impact on the cybersecurity community of the new regulation:

Over the following one and a half days each pilot will demonstrate their achievements and results to date through videos, presentations, tools, panel discussions, and a series of focus group sessions will showcase the cooperation between the pilots in relevant cybersecurity areas.

The focus group sessions will cover topics ranging from communications to cyber ranges, education and governance to roadmapping and threat intelligence, and will also feature a session on the Cybersecurity Atlas to be launched in early 2021.

Check out the full agenda here and register there for this unmissable cybersecurity happening.