WEBINAR: European Cybersecurity Challenges

The free webinar on European Cybersecurity Challenges, 30 November, from 10h00 to 12h00 is promoted by the Mission of Switzerland to the EU, SwissCore and the National Research Council of Italy.

The webinar will outline the European Comission aims to improve the EU’s Cybersecurity capacity with a Cybersecurity Competence Center (CCN) and by integrating cybersecurity into the upcoming European knowledge programmes. It will discuss how we can best unlock the potential of innovation in promoting security in the digital sphere and how collaborative infrastructures, partnerships and networks can advance these goals.

It will present the SPARTA cybersecurity competence network and the opportunities it offers for Swiss cybersecurity actors to participate and foster European Colaborations. The webinar will also highlight the strenght and contributions of Swiss academia and Swiss innovation ecosystem.

Find more information abou the event here, as well as the detailed provisional programme.

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