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Keywords: Mode-Based Engineering Tool, Safety and Security, Embedded Systems

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AutoFOCUS3 is a model-based tool and research platform for safety-critical embedded systems. It builds on a generic Eclipse-based tooling framework, is open source (Apache 2.0 license), and is released biannually for the Windows, Linux, and macOS 64-bit platforms.AutoFOCUS3 supports the design, development and validation of safety-critical embedded systems in many development phases, including architecture design, implementation, hardware/software integration, and safety argumentation based on formal models from the following viewpoints:

Advanced features enable to explore design and implementation alternatives (e.g., safety patterns, task allocation, partition/compartment architectures) based on state-of-the art formal methods and solvers (e.g., Z3 solver), and to validate early designs by means of functional simulation and co-simulation (via FMI). The automatic artefact synthesis capabilities of the tool enable rapid development (e.g., code and configuration generation, scheduling synthesis). Modular assurance cases encoded in the goal-structuring notation (GSN) enable users to document the dependability of a system by bringing in information about its environment and the development context. They provide a structured argument that establishes a systematic relationship between a dependability goal and its evidence (e.g., validation artefact). Finally, AutoFOCUS3 also supports security analysis by using models, such as Attack Defense Trees, including semantic annotations to these models to carry out quantitative risk analysis.

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Training AutoFOCUS3 has been used regularly for both academic and industrial training programs. For example, as can be depicted in, it has been used in a regular sememster course at TUM. fortiss also offers a training program for industrial partners. Support for awareness actions or generation of safety and security culture for embedded system developmentCurrently, industries, such as automotive, avionics and industry 4.0, have increasing concerns with respect to the security threats that can affect their safety-critical embedded systems. This has increased their interest for model-based engineering approaches as they can handle the level of complexity of these systems and are already widely adopted in these industries.