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Keywords: Data collection, data analysis, IoT security, intrusion detection, APT

Functional Components Description

Due to the rapidly increasing complexity of networked systems, checking for the vulnerability or resilience of such systems requires not only the relatively expensive development of powerful, partially automated detection, analysis, and defense methods, but also the existence of dedicated laboratory environments consisting of hardware and software components allow simulation and virtualization of systems to be tested outside the production environment. The Joanneum Research CTTC (Cyber Test and Training Centre), is as a lab environment, designed to be used in different projects in cyber security and defence field, to help in better concepts understanding, and providing testing environment and data. The Joanneum Research CTTC setup is an on-going project consisting of several stages. As a hardware and test setup, new components and gadgets can be added without much effort, in order to test these components and to be able to examine vulnerabilities. These components include:

The current status of CTTC is Stage 1 – finished, Stage 2 – setup in progress, Stage 3 – concept is finished.

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Services provided:
Support platform for R + D + I projects
JR CTTC should allow to easily capture and analyse the traffic of different infrastructures – smart home and industrial IoT environments, and campus network environment. It can be used to capture and parse different protocols to validate the effectiveness of IDS systems and formal methods, to capture real traffic from a campus network infrastructure in order to train artificial neural networks, etc.
Isolated environment
In order to enable the cyber security analysis with different tests (security, penetration) of both external and internal software, the software can be isolated and deployed in the CTTC. The secure environment enables isolated analysis, whether it is a web application, a native application or malware. This includes:

Data collection and analysis
CTTC will enable researchers to set up isolated network environment, perform red-teaming and collect data for further analysis.
CTTC may be used as a platform for offering and developing a wide-range of training activities related to PenTesting, IoT and IT network infrastructure protection and anomaly detection.
CTTC may be used as a platform to support consultancy services.


Technical equipment