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Secure mobile systems Security architectures and protocols for secure wireless and mobile communication technologies (GSM, UMTS, WLAN, Bluetooth)
Smart Cards and other security tokens Current uses cases like: security problems of the Myfair Chip, security mechanisms of the German electronic identity card (ePA), and the German electronic health card (eGK)
Secure wireless sensor networks: Problems and solutions RFID technology: applications scenarios, security requirements and solutions (e.g. EPCglogal supply chain)
40 Intermediate Public Free register at TUM registration course system
IT Security Basic terms, vulnerabilities and attacks, security mechanisms (e.g. cryptography, signature), security models, authentication, smartcards & trusted computing, access and usage control, network security, application-level security, security engineering. 60 elementary Public Free register at TUM registration course system
Rootkit programming This Praktikum will allow the students to get a hands on feeling for Linux kernel rootkit programming. Public Free TUM lecturer
Binary Exploitation This practical course teaches various techniques for exploiting buffer overflow vulnerabilities. Starting with the basics of buffer overflows the students will learn ways of executing shellcode. Based on this knowledge we will explore protection mechanisms agains shellcode execution and we will work on advanced methods for bypassing them. all Public Free TUM lecturer