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Cybersecurity training Training modules on cybersecurity:
General knowledge and good practices in cybersecurity
Review of cybersecurity technologies applied to the development, deployment and operation of SW/HW systems (Web,IoT,CPS,...)
General knowledge about cybersecurity in the industrial and business field
Standards, regulations and regulation in cybersecurity
20 Elementary Public 9.000€ Tecnalia/customer premises. Remote
Cybersecurity Tools General knowledge of tools used in cybersecurity: OSSIM Vault, Security in Mobiles, Pentesting ... 10 Intermediate Public 4.500€ Tecnalia/customer premises
Blockchain for developers Training modules on blockchain for developers:
Introduction to blockchain
General features and deployment in Ethereum, Quorum and Hyperledger
Development in Ethereum and Hyperledger
Interaction of Blockchain and Smart contracts
22 Upper Intermediate Public 10.500€ Tecnalia/customer premises
Ethereum specialist training Training modules on blockchain for developers: Ethereum specialist 12 Upper Intermediate 5.400€ Tecnalia/customer premises.
Hyperledger specialist training Training modules on blockchain for developers: Hyperledger specialist 12 Upper Intermediate Public 5.400€ Tecnalia/customer premises.